Gallery Of Products

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking to showcase your love for Lorain in all seasons or are just looking for something fun and fashionable to add to your closet. You won’t be disappointed with our products, from fun socks to cozy sweaters and shirts. Pictured below, you can check out some of our tasteful selections now.

Lorain Ohio T-shirts

T-shirts for the ladies in red or purple. Fitted style for the nicer casual look. Women’s sizes.

Lorain Ohio Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts for cool summer evenings. Also in red. Sizes XL and XXL.

Charlie Paige

Lovely shirt dress in a favorite black and white plaid that will go from your office to a dinner date. Charlie Paige apparel.

Hadley Wren

Vibrate shades of purple and burgundy, this caftan can be worn as lingeries, beach wear or over your favorite jeans and t-shirt outfit

“Ruff being this Cute” Onesies

Your infant will be so cute in this onesie…6, 12 and 18 months…yellow and aqua

Charlie Paige

This soft cotton knit poncho will keep you warm when the cool breezes of summer blow or later in the season over your favorite tee with jeans or slacks. Comes in three colors. One size fits most.

Hadley Wren

Cool evenings…put this light weight knit over your tee. Or use it on the beach to cover your bikini. Hadley Wren apparel. Scarf can be worn over the shoulder for a cool evening or with your favorite outfit. Also by Hadley Wren.

Charlie Page

This lovely summer 3 tier skirt sun dress can be worn casually or to that fun summer wedding. Skirt is lined. Charlie Paige apparel.

Charlie Page

Lovely sheer white tier blouse with delicate trim can be worn with dress slacks or jeans. Charlie Paige apparel in sizes S, M, L and XL

Lorain Ohio T-shirts

Lorain script t-shirts in your favorite color. Everyone needs this comfortable tee for relaxing summer days. Sizes S, M, L and XL

Lorain Hoodie

What better way to show people how much you love Lorain than by sporting our Lorain Heart Hoodie? We know you’ll love wearing this hoodie almost as much as you love this city. Our classic piece is shown with a blue heart.

Funky Gloves

Not only do we have such fun colors and patterns available in our socks selection, but we also have fingerless gloves for you to show off your personality! There’s nothing better than bright and cheery colors to keep you warm.

Seasonal Shop Setting

Want to feel festive around the holidays while doing your gift shopping? Stop by Lolipop’s to find the perfect souvenir and enjoy the splendor of our festive holiday decor! Who knew shopping could be so fun?

Funky Socks

If you don’t want to be ordinary, stand out with our bright, fun, mismatched socks! You’ll never be bored with your outfits when you’ve got these cozy pieces on your feet. We’ve got so many colors and patterns for you to choose from.


Looking to get a fun trinket to remember your time here at Lorain? Check out our amazing souvenirs! Our gifts include cups, coasters, and more. With these great items, you can show the world how much you love the beautiful city of Lorain!

Women's Apparel

Shop through our sweaters to find the perfect piece for you! If you’re looking for something with the feel of a cozy sweater with a different look to it, our sweater shawl might be just what you need! This will be such a special touch to your clothes collection.

Lorain Apparel

Everyone loves a classic shirt to showcase your travels or hometown. Show off how much you love Lorain with one of our t-shirts. Since 1834, people have loved this city, and we love helping people display that love!

Women's Apparel

This staple closet piece is great for all seasons! Wear this gorgeous garment as a dress in the summer, or pair it with cute tights for a perfect fall outfit! Stay comfortable and fashionable. Add your own personal style with fun or neutral accessories. We promise it will be your go-to wardrobe selection.

Pocket Socks

If you’re looking for some funky socks with a bit of extra flair to them, we have our high-knee socks with fun prints and colors too! These awesome socks have a little pocket for your credit card or money! They also come in a passport size. They’ll keep you comfy and will showcase your bright spirits as well as give you some functionality.


Add a special touch to your outfit of the day with one of our sweet scarves! With several different color choices, you’ll stand out from the crowd and have a new accessory that you’ll never get tired of wearing.

Lorain Apparel

There is nothing better to show people how much you love Lorain than wearing our Lorain Hoodie! You’ll love this hoodie almost as much as you love this city. Our new piece is shown in four different colors.

Women's Apparel

If you’re looking for comfy and casual pieces, then we’ve got just the clothing for you. Everyone needs some reliable everyday basics. Stop by and check out our classic crew necks and sweat pants soon!