Meet the heart behind our shop

Laurel Lollie Bansek

A Lorain native for 62 years, Laurel Bansek was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She is the loving wife of Steve Bansek (62 years) and the mother of 6 children. She and Steve have been blessed with 11 grandchildren, six step-grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and 15 step-great-grandchildren too!

When the opportunity presented itself for her store, Lolipop’s Gift Shop, to move into the brand new Ariel Broadway Hotel in Lorain, Laurel couldn’t resist and jumped at the chance immediately. Lolipop’s Gift Shop happily spent its first four years at 408 Broadway Ave before moving to the hotel located on 301 Broadway Ave. The origin of the business was solely for photography of scenes, not people. However, when people on Broadway said there was a need for a souvenir shop, she agreed but needed more to meet the overhead.

Today, we offer souvenirs of Lorain and trendy gifts such as mismatched socks and women’s scarves, hoodies, t-shirts, and fleece jackets. The souvenirs are items with photos of the landmarks of Lorain. You won’t want to miss checking out our fabulous selection, and we can’t wait for you to stop by!